The Idea Is To Provide The Authentic Indian Taste And Nutrition Through Minimum Efforts In Today's Fast-Paced Lifestyle!

The Flavour And Nutrition You Are Missing In Everyday Food!

M3 Spices and Kitchen LLP was established in 2017 by Sachin Choudhari, M3 Kitchen was incorporated with the passion for providing organic, traditional, nutritional and authentic Indian cuisine from almost all parts of India. For ensuring this, we have a strong relationship with farmers for direct and organic supply of raw materials. When the fresh and complete ingredients are used, the taste & nutrition eventually follows.

Our Philosophy

Promote What We Have Forgot

India is known for its herbs & spices and organic agriculture output. It is a proven fact that our ancestors enjoyed a strong immunity along with good physical & mental health. We have scouted authentic & natural ingredients from different parts of India.

Taste & Flavour Of Authentic India Food

Our country is home to numerous different and unique recipes. The rich and diverse culture and heritage are the reason for this. We have followed the traditional techniques for turning the raw ingredients into a perfect mix that provides an Authentic India taste.

Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Everyone is aware that we have more things to do and take care of than before; the pace of life has significantly increased if compared with that of our ancestors. That's one of the main reasons why we have introduced our recipes in Ready-To-Eat and Ready-To-Cook format.

Develop Products From All-India Range

India is land to numerous different cultures, and it provides handsome and delicious variety in both, veg as well as non-veg. From east, west, north, south to the Himalayas, Thar, Five Rivers, Ghats, Deccan Plateau and Seven States, we aim to provide every recipe to our customers.

Our Approach/ Mission

We don’t take the matters of taste and nutrition lightly in all stages from procurement,
transportation, storage, packaging, and distribution. We don’t hire or partner with farmers, but scout the reputed and independent ones who are known for their yield and quality, and build a win-win business relationship with them.

Happy Customers
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Growing And Expanding

We started as manufacturers of Ready-To-Cook and Ready-To-Eat food packets and went on to increase our range of products and include several different tastes in our offerings. With rising demand and positive connections, we also started home delivery distribution network in many cities. We are also working on building a direct chain of distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to your home.