M3 Misal Masala and Saoji Gravy – Natural, Ready To Cook (Each 150 gm) Combo Pack


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  • READY TO COOK MISAL MASALA: M3 Kitchen brings to the table Authentic Regional Gravies and Curries using traditional recipes handed down over generations. Just add water and cook to get flavourful preparation in as little as 15 minutes
  • ENJOY THE TASTE LIKE HOME-COOKED FOOD: Our products are made using the new revolutionary German retort technology that ensures the product retains its nutritional value, taste, colour & texture, and offering a taste like home-cooked food, without adding any preservatives and additives
  • HEALTHY AND TRADITIONAL TASTE: To maintain the Traditional taste we use Kacchi Ghani Oil and Desi Ghee. Also to ensure freshness rich taste and flavour, ingredients are taken straight from the farm, local areas and stored in proper facilities
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS, SHELF LIFE & USAGE: The product needs to be stored at room temperature & away from sunlight. The Shelf Life of the product is 18 months. However, once opened, the product needs to be consumed immediately


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