Chicken in white rassa is a classic dish from Maharashtra cuisine. This preparation is the white-colored, flavorful chicken/mutton gravy, a favorite of the Kolhapuris. With a creamy, stew texture, pandhara rassa works equally well with both bhakri and rice. It’s the kind of chicken soup that will really uplift your soul.

Product Description :

There is a special food associated with every culture and this food becomes the identity of the people belonging to that culture. For the people of Kolhapur, Kolhapuri Pandhra Rassa is an integral part of their cuisine. The dish is prepared using chicken stock and has a great taste along with a strong yet pleasant aroma. This white-coloured curry has a creamy, stew texture and goes best with bhakri and rice. This rich and flavourful curry is difficult to prepare for someone who is a beginner at cooking. For such people, M3 Foods brings to you Ready To Cook Pandhra Rassa, which is a readymade curry mix that can be prepared within minutes. This ready to cook mix delivers the same old traditional and delectable taste of a Kolhapuri Pandhra Rassa that makes your mouth water every single time.

Taste That Lingers In Your Mouth For Long :

This Ready To Cook Pandhra Rassa Mix is made using a new and revolutionary German retort technology that ensures that the product retains its nutritional value along with its delectable taste. You also get the same colour and texture as your traditional curry, thereby making it look and taste like your home-made food. M3 Foods has made sure to include only natural ingredients in this mix to make it beneficial for your health. This Ready To Cook Pandhra Rassa is devoid of harmful preservatives and additives, thereby making it safe for every member of your family.

Features :

M3 Foods strives hard to bring to you the distinct taste and flavour of the regional cuisine that has remained intact for ages. To ensure that this Ready To Cook Pandhra Rassa has a rich taste and spicy flavour along with freshness, the ingredients are sourced directly from the local farms. These farms use organic methods to grow these ingredients, which helps them to retain their natural properties.

This readymade recipe for Pandhra Rassa has the same taste and flavour as that of your home-made food prepared by your mother or grandmother. M3 Foods has ensured to keep the recipe intact that has been passed down for generations and has made a permanent place in your heart. This Ready To Cook Pandhra Rassa Mix can be prepared in minutes and it has a good shelf life of about 18 months.

In order to make sure that you get maximum health benefits from this readymade mix, M3 Foods has prepared it using Lakdi Ghana (Kachhi Ghani Oil) and Desi Ghee. These ingredients are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that benefit your body in multiple ways. Desi ghee is also known to have properties that soothe inflammation and make you strong from the inside.


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